15 April 2011

Wentworth Walk Up Camper Trailer


As many of you who have been following the website would know we have been going to release our Wentworth walk up style camper trailer in March..... and its now April! We have been busy as we sold a Wentworth before we had an opportunity to show everyone, and you can now see some pics of Tim and Justina's new Wentworth. They have picked up their Wentworth and are about to head around Australia in a couple of days.

Before heading off around Australia they took their camper and did an off road four wheel drive cousre in Braidwood NSW and down to the beaches in Shoal Haven for some 4WD fun! Their Landcrusier and Explorer Camper trailer performed fantastically as we fitted their trailer out with Crusiemaster trailing arm independant suspension.

We will be offering the Wentworth with all the standard Explorer Campers and Canvas options that we offer in our standard style camper trailers, Tim & Justina opted for our 12ft size tent which gave them a massive 12ft x 9ft of floor space.

All Explorer Campers & Canvas Wentworth Walk Up Camper Trailers are manufactured to our extremely high standards using Australian Materials and Labour.
For more information please don't hesitate to contact us. 

http://www.explorercampers.com.au/ - (02) 4322 8870 - 4/6 Bowen Cres WEST GOSFORD  

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