09 October 2012

Explorer Campers & Canvas: Customer Testimonial and Lawson Review

Explorer Customer Testimonial

It is our customers who transfer the pride in an Explorer Camper Trailer from us the manufacture, to themselves - the new owner. When we hear the feedback from our customers - it makes all our hard work worth it.

Last month we recieved an email from two lovely customers. As the review is a little too long to fit on our customer testimonial page on the website (http://www.explorercampers.com.au/Testimonials.html), we felt we had to post the full text here:

Hi Andrew & Scott
Firstly I just wanted to say a huge thanks for all your patience, advice and assistance that you have both provided along the way. I have never used a camper trailer before, so this was a whole new experience.
The attention to detail is above expectation and second to none - only someone who is an experienced camper could have covered all the areas that you both have produced. After viewing a large range of other brands I found there is no comparison whatsoever from the workmanship, quality of materials to the design and detail – wow!!!
People I know that have other brands are constantly complaining about leaks, no space and lots of other small annoyances. I know I'm not going to have any complaints due to the workmanship and attention to detail with your product.
Secondly I am Emailing some pics that show if a couple of “Old Ducks” can put this Camper Trailer up & down without any assistance anyone can do it. Over a 2 week holiday travelling from Hunter area NSW to Rainbow Beach Qld we put this camper up 5 times. Had people enquiring and looking at the camper which of course was shown off with great pride, I probably sounded like I was doing a paid advert for Explorer Campers which of course I wasn’t  I am ready to go away again as soon as I can.
The following stand out and above any other Camper trailer on the market
1.     Australian made canvas wow!!! And to be able to see Scott actually making the tent onsite was so unexpected and his workmanship is supreme – an Aussie made highest quality product wow!!! With attention to detail too!!!
2.     Andrew and Scott – your customer service is second to none, you actually care about what your customers want
3.     The ease and speed of putting up the Camper is incredible.
4.     The ease and speed of packing up the Camper is also incredible
5.     Very roomy interiors are fab, kitchen and storage space - envy to all who see it.
6.     A huge plus is that each camper can be built to include the features / options that you want in a camper (not what a manufacturer wants you to have)
7.     The trailer is a dream to tow, I went through some very high wind areas and it sat very stable behind my vehicle.
A very sincere thank you for producing such a high quality product that is easy to use
V, J & Brandi

Camper Trailer Australia Review: Explorer Campers and Canvas Lawson Off-Rd Camper Trailer

Camper Trailer Australia Magazine conducted a review of the Explorer Campers and Canvas Lawson 9 camper trailer which appeared in issue 53. Recieving a glowing review with 5 out of 5 stars for value for money, the full review has now been posted on their website.

Click here to read the full review: http://www.campertraileraustralia.com.au/articles/2012/8/review-explorer-cc-lawson/
Click here to read the full review straight from the magazine in PDF format: http://www.explorercampers.com.au/images/stories/newsletter/cta_53_explorer.pdf

Andrew and Scott

26 July 2012

Customer Trip Report - Birdsville by the Whittington's

After taking delivery of our new Explorer Campers and Canvas (Lawson) camper trailer in the scond half of 2011, we set-off on the road to Birdsville via the Flinders. The drive from Cobar to Menindee Lakes following the eastern side of the Darling River was the start of some magnificent touring. The Lakes being over 100% capacity was a draw card for congregations of birds and tourists alike.
Our Flinders journey started on the Spencer Gulf enjoying the unique seaport townships before heading north into the Flinders Rangers. With so many aspects of the Flinders to explore we started at the southern end and took in Mt Remarkable NP including Alligator Gorge. Continuing further north took us into the Flinders Rangers NP camping at Willow Springs – a working sheep station. This was a central location to Sky Trek, Wilpena Pound and the many amazing gorges.
Sky Trek - Willow Springs - Flinders Ranges

This area is steeped in history with the many ruins remaining from the early farming pioneers. The gorges are home to the endangered Yellow-foot wallaby and many other native animals. Lunch at the Prairie Hotel – Parachilna known for its road kill hamburgers is a must.
The North Flinders and Gammon Ranges presented a more dramatic landscape of red basalt rocky mountains with waterholes and huge river gums dotted throughout the gorges.
Many of our camps had been quick setups so Leigh Creek was a welcoming stop to re-stock supplies and tidy up before heading north into the more remote areas.
At Maree we were fortunate to take a flight over Lake Eyre which took us up the Birdsville track, circled over Cooper Creek crossing and then down Cooper Creek to Lake Eyre. A lifetime experience to witness Madigan Gulf with its unusual colours presented from an algae bloom and just the right conditions, returning via Lake Eyre South back to Maree. An exhilarating 2 hour return flight that later took 3 hours/150km to drive and reach the punt to cross Coopers Creek. To this point we had our fingers crossed that we would be under the 9.8m max. vehicular length limit. We squeezed on and didn’t have to take off the spare rear tyre which was our backup plan.
The Punt at Cooper Creek - yes it fits!
Leaving the Cooper, Birdsville was another 2 days/520km of varied driving conditions including rocks, bull dust and poor visibility that comes with driving in a dust storm. Mungeranie Road House was a welcoming oasis to camp down and enjoy some good company and pub meal.
Was the highlight at the Birdsville Pub and the colourful locals or Big Red in a sea of water? Standing atop Bid Red with water views to the north, south and east was an unexpected sight along with the diverse show of vegetation that had sprouted since the ‘wet’. The boys had a little play on the sand dunes, apparently, a must-do out this way when you go to the Simpson.

Water views from Big Red!
The journey home via Cordilla Downs and Innaminka presented yet more variation in the landscape with the road littered with tyre destroying rocks, fortunately which we managed to avoid.
Returning east we passed through many small country communities with welcoming gardens and hospitality; quite a contrast to what we had left behind.

Packing up before hitting the road again!
 After 5 weeks and 6,800 km, our new explorer camper had provided us with stress free travelling and a whole new experience. Thanks to Scott and Andrew who patiently accommodated the weeks and months of the planning process and the mind changes whilst building our camper trailer.

Sheryl & Trevor Whittington

10 May 2012

New Explorer Campers 2012 Brochure

Recently we snapped some photos of our current demo campers for our new brochure. A tedious task for us, maybe, but the result was some great shots capturing the quality of workmanship - precisely what Explorer Campers and Canvas stands for. We thought we would share some info behind the brochure.

The 2012 Brochure front cover

The brochure was designed and printed just in time for the Rosehill Super Show in Sydney in April 2012. The difference with our photo shoot compared to other brochures you might see, is there are no tricks, no photos studios, simply our campers that have been made the same way, to the same standard we make all Explorer Campers. The location was Scott's sister back paddock, by the dam. The photographers, Andrew and Scott themselves, and the 'models' sitting in the camp chairs, were Scott's Mum and Dad.

Scott focusing in on the roll-out kitchen

The three main photos on the front cover are photos sent in by our customers. We are lucky to come across such fantastic customers who love our product so much, they offer to do all sorts of things to help spread the word. Customer's sending in photos of their travels with their Explorer Camper is just one of the ways they help us out (and make us very jealous)!

Our 'models' hard at work!

The new brochure also includes most of our optional extras priced out. If you already own an Explorer Camper, be sure to drop in or request a copy to be posted to you. There are many new extras and ideas which you are sure to love, which will more than likely be able to be added to your existing Explorer Camper!

15 April 2012

The Value in Re-Sale Value

We all know buying a quality product results in a better experience when using a product, however sometimes the importance in re-sale value is overlooked, particularly when comparing campers trailers.

A quality camper trailer is not just a camper that will not leak in the wet, but is also (and almost by default), a camper trailer that you will be able to sell at a price not far south from where you purchased it.

If your intention for buying a camper trailer is take it around Australia for a year, and then let it go, you want to know that your camper trailer will still fetch a high price once you have had your fun with it. It will come as no suprise that cheap, non-Australian made camper trailers have very little or no re-sale value at all. A quality trailer that goes the distance is where the smart money looks, and as some of our customers have found out, it is not always the biggest or most well-known camper trailer makers that produce the highest quality. 

We encourage anyone looking for a new camper trailer to do your research. Look at the little things. Ask questions. If you do not feel like you can trust the guy selling you the camper, how can you trust the camper trailer?

To see an example of the value of a high re-sale value, just take a look at this advert for a second hand Explorer Camper: http://www.exploroz.com/Classifieds/Campers_Trailers.aspx?id=11316

Bearing this in mind will benefit the purchaser in the long run. Cheap products are cheap for a reason.

Explorer Campers will go the distance!

06 February 2012

Queanbeyan 4wd Spectacular

Welcome to a New Year with Explorer Campers and it is shaping up as being bigger then our previous years with a busy start to 2012.

We wanted to take the chance to remind you of the first camping show we will be exhibiting at this year. The Queanbeyan 4wd spectacular which will be held on the 11th & 12th February. http://4wdspectacular.org.au/

This is a Bi annual show and whilst the last one washed out with huge rainfalls over the Saturday it always proves to be a great day out.  So come along and check us out at site 127

Queanbeyan 2010

23 December 2011

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

It has been another busy year for us and 2012 is shaping up to be even bigger, with new shows. We will be taking a well earned break with Factory closing from Thursday 22nd December and will re-open Wednesday 4th January.

We would like to take the opportunity to wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. If you are traveling over this holiday period please stay safe and enjoy your holiday.

Andrew & Scott

19 November 2011

Ex-Demo Flinders Light Off Road Explorer Camper For Sale!

We have upgraded our Explorer Campers demo fleet, and as such, have a fantastic Flinder Light Off-Rd model for sale. They camper is as new and comes with all the first-class standard features you expect from an Explorer, plus many extras as detailed below:

·         Flinders Light off rd inclusive of standard inclusions, 50mm ball coupling, 10 inch electric drum brakes, mechanical hand brake on the coupling, 45 mm axle, 14 inch brand new light truck tyres, 7 leak alko eye to eye rebound shackle springs, bike rack mounts in the drawbar, storage boot with incorporated pole carrier, double jerry can rack and gas bottle holder on drivers side, spare wheel mounted on the tailgate.

·         We have built our 9ft camper with an 8 ft awning, this is also inclusive of a fully enclosed annexe, and floor mesh, on the inside of the tent it is also inclusive of our deluxe bed step for access to the bed.

·         On the inside of the trailer it features our Steel roll out kitchen with a stainless steel bench top on ball bearing rollers, beside the kitchen we have a full length aluminium carpet lined storage drawer on ball bearing rollers.

·         Inside the front boot i have mounted our standard 12 volt with many additional extras, such as a CTEK DC-DC Charger, and our 240 volt system. The 12 volt system compromises of 1 x 100amphr battery, low voltage cut out, a digital volt gauge, 6 blade fuse block, 600mm LED light in the roof of the tent, 2 outlets beside the tent, and 2 outlets on your rear roller drawer.

·         The left side of the trailer – (passenger side) we have enclosed the sides with 3 separate lockers, which can be key locked and also accessed inside the tent, the lockers are all equipped with LED lighting.

List price on this camper as is, is RRP $20,635 including 12 months rego.

The demo price we are offering is $18,000 including 12 months rego.

A couple of things you may wish to add to the camper from the outset or later is an inner spring mattress upgrade or tropical roof fly.

Please don’t hesitate to contact either Andrew or Scott further details and information, or visit our website http://www.explorercampers.com.au/