09 October 2012

Explorer Campers & Canvas: Customer Testimonial and Lawson Review

Explorer Customer Testimonial

It is our customers who transfer the pride in an Explorer Camper Trailer from us the manufacture, to themselves - the new owner. When we hear the feedback from our customers - it makes all our hard work worth it.

Last month we recieved an email from two lovely customers. As the review is a little too long to fit on our customer testimonial page on the website (http://www.explorercampers.com.au/Testimonials.html), we felt we had to post the full text here:

Hi Andrew & Scott
Firstly I just wanted to say a huge thanks for all your patience, advice and assistance that you have both provided along the way. I have never used a camper trailer before, so this was a whole new experience.
The attention to detail is above expectation and second to none - only someone who is an experienced camper could have covered all the areas that you both have produced. After viewing a large range of other brands I found there is no comparison whatsoever from the workmanship, quality of materials to the design and detail – wow!!!
People I know that have other brands are constantly complaining about leaks, no space and lots of other small annoyances. I know I'm not going to have any complaints due to the workmanship and attention to detail with your product.
Secondly I am Emailing some pics that show if a couple of “Old Ducks” can put this Camper Trailer up & down without any assistance anyone can do it. Over a 2 week holiday travelling from Hunter area NSW to Rainbow Beach Qld we put this camper up 5 times. Had people enquiring and looking at the camper which of course was shown off with great pride, I probably sounded like I was doing a paid advert for Explorer Campers which of course I wasn’t  I am ready to go away again as soon as I can.
The following stand out and above any other Camper trailer on the market
1.     Australian made canvas wow!!! And to be able to see Scott actually making the tent onsite was so unexpected and his workmanship is supreme – an Aussie made highest quality product wow!!! With attention to detail too!!!
2.     Andrew and Scott – your customer service is second to none, you actually care about what your customers want
3.     The ease and speed of putting up the Camper is incredible.
4.     The ease and speed of packing up the Camper is also incredible
5.     Very roomy interiors are fab, kitchen and storage space - envy to all who see it.
6.     A huge plus is that each camper can be built to include the features / options that you want in a camper (not what a manufacturer wants you to have)
7.     The trailer is a dream to tow, I went through some very high wind areas and it sat very stable behind my vehicle.
A very sincere thank you for producing such a high quality product that is easy to use
V, J & Brandi

Camper Trailer Australia Review: Explorer Campers and Canvas Lawson Off-Rd Camper Trailer

Camper Trailer Australia Magazine conducted a review of the Explorer Campers and Canvas Lawson 9 camper trailer which appeared in issue 53. Recieving a glowing review with 5 out of 5 stars for value for money, the full review has now been posted on their website.

Click here to read the full review: http://www.campertraileraustralia.com.au/articles/2012/8/review-explorer-cc-lawson/
Click here to read the full review straight from the magazine in PDF format: http://www.explorercampers.com.au/images/stories/newsletter/cta_53_explorer.pdf

Andrew and Scott

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