15 April 2012

The Value in Re-Sale Value

We all know buying a quality product results in a better experience when using a product, however sometimes the importance in re-sale value is overlooked, particularly when comparing campers trailers.

A quality camper trailer is not just a camper that will not leak in the wet, but is also (and almost by default), a camper trailer that you will be able to sell at a price not far south from where you purchased it.

If your intention for buying a camper trailer is take it around Australia for a year, and then let it go, you want to know that your camper trailer will still fetch a high price once you have had your fun with it. It will come as no suprise that cheap, non-Australian made camper trailers have very little or no re-sale value at all. A quality trailer that goes the distance is where the smart money looks, and as some of our customers have found out, it is not always the biggest or most well-known camper trailer makers that produce the highest quality. 

We encourage anyone looking for a new camper trailer to do your research. Look at the little things. Ask questions. If you do not feel like you can trust the guy selling you the camper, how can you trust the camper trailer?

To see an example of the value of a high re-sale value, just take a look at this advert for a second hand Explorer Camper: http://www.exploroz.com/Classifieds/Campers_Trailers.aspx?id=11316

Bearing this in mind will benefit the purchaser in the long run. Cheap products are cheap for a reason.

Explorer Campers will go the distance!

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