10 May 2012

New Explorer Campers 2012 Brochure

Recently we snapped some photos of our current demo campers for our new brochure. A tedious task for us, maybe, but the result was some great shots capturing the quality of workmanship - precisely what Explorer Campers and Canvas stands for. We thought we would share some info behind the brochure.

The 2012 Brochure front cover

The brochure was designed and printed just in time for the Rosehill Super Show in Sydney in April 2012. The difference with our photo shoot compared to other brochures you might see, is there are no tricks, no photos studios, simply our campers that have been made the same way, to the same standard we make all Explorer Campers. The location was Scott's sister back paddock, by the dam. The photographers, Andrew and Scott themselves, and the 'models' sitting in the camp chairs, were Scott's Mum and Dad.

Scott focusing in on the roll-out kitchen

The three main photos on the front cover are photos sent in by our customers. We are lucky to come across such fantastic customers who love our product so much, they offer to do all sorts of things to help spread the word. Customer's sending in photos of their travels with their Explorer Camper is just one of the ways they help us out (and make us very jealous)!

Our 'models' hard at work!

The new brochure also includes most of our optional extras priced out. If you already own an Explorer Camper, be sure to drop in or request a copy to be posted to you. There are many new extras and ideas which you are sure to love, which will more than likely be able to be added to your existing Explorer Camper!


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