21 June 2011

Explorer Campers NEW Tray Back Camper

Explorer Campers is proud to announce our all new tray back camper, we have intorduced this camper into our range to compliment our already popular well back camper. Please see below some of our first photos.

 The camper can be set up on its legs and be left in your yard or shed for storage between trips. All legs are included in our base price.

  The camper can be removed from the vehicle at camp and left set up or removed from the vehicle and  set up whilst on its legs.

  The optional enclosed bedroom can be zipped onto the main tent section which provides you with 2 large screened windows and a screened door. it also has a skirt that drops from the rear of the camper to the ground and has a zip in bucket floor which can be attached. This provides you with an area to set up bedding for additional people or an area for you to store clothing bags etc.

 If you are doing a road trip and don’t want to remove the camper from the vehicle you can simply set it up all  attached to the car, a set up similar to this should take 15 mins. If you are setting up tent and awning you would be comfortably set up in 10 minutes

 The camper is manufactured from 3mm Marine grade aluminium it is powdercoated to match or contrast your vehicle. The camper as displayed including the legs weighs only 320kg.

We look forward to seeing you in the factory at West Gosford for a first hand look at the camper.

For more information please dont hesitate to give us a call (02) 4322 8870

Cheers, Andrew & Scott

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  1. Salve, non riesco a vedere le foto ...ma dalla vostra descrizione deve essere molto bello e funzionale...